Nature Camps At Haida Gwaii

Camping and adventure is different from the city experiences. You feel much closer to nature when you stay in tents with friends.You wake up early with the bright sunshine, birds chirping, lush greens around you, and fresh air. You get to know the true meaning of a sound sleep in the tents. If you are also looking forward to de-stress from your pressures of life then you can go camping at Haida Gwaii and get the arrangements ready through without any headache.

You can enjoy fishing with friends and family, sitting along the beach hearing to the sound of the waters and giving a deep thought of experiences life. All such actions give you peace and happiness. It is all about the feel good factor which we miss in the city rush.

How to spend a day at camp?

You can do so much in a day. You can early morning enjoy the breakfast without any room service or high-end facility. Imagining the days, when people lived in forests with minimum facilities, the camps give you the true feel of living with limited ease.

Enjoy Bonfires with your family

Campfire/bonfire is an exciting activity that makes your trip memorable. In the evening, sit beside the bonfire with light music, tea and snacks and enjoy with friends. You can play exciting games, sing songs, and dance with your partners. Such experiences stay forever with you as pleasant memories.

Nature photography at camps

You have the best opportunity to click the best scenic beauty while at Haida Gwaii. You can capture the transitions of sunrise and sunset at camps. Do not miss to capture the amazing photographs of unique birds, fishes, landscapes, flowers and animals at the camp site.

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