Increase The Power Of A Kid’s Car

One of the most fun toys for the kids can be the power wheels. The joy of getting his first mini defender land rover can become a lifetime memory for you as well as for your kid. If you have already witnessed that moment then you must have received a big thanks with a smile and hug from your kid. If you have an active kid then soon he will master it and demand more speed or a more powerful car.

In that case, instead of spending money on some new model, you can increase the power of his current car only. For that, you just need to install a new and powerful motor only.

Here is how:

Remove the old motor : First of all, you need to flip the car upside down to remove the old motor of the car. Start with removing the wheels. Then, you need to unscrew the screws from it with the help of a screwdriver. There is a cylinder-shaped motor installed in such cars. You need to remove it.

Buy a new one : Then by measuring its dimension,buy a new motor of the same size and shape but of a higher power. Get it checked while buying and make sure it runs at the claimed speed. You must buy a motor which has a warranty on it.

Reinstall the car : Also, remove the previous motor and insert in the new one. Make sure to clean them before inserting them. First, push the spade end then gently the rest of it. Then place the new motor as it was there before. Insert the wheels and make your kid enjoy more power.

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