Flag – The Symbol With Wide Interpretations

Flag is used as a source of inspiration to work towards a achieving a goal. A flag also represents the community, its culture and the products which promote the idea of the community. Flags are also used to indicate or forward message regarding any activity. Flags are also used as means of communication and signals at sea, railways resulting in various signals of safety and danger. Flag also evokes the feeling of patriotism towards your nation. There are various kinds of flags which also includes festival flags.

world flags

The types of flags

National Flag – The national flag represents a country, its culture, traditions and ideas of the people of the country. National flag inspires an individual about the patriotism and works towards the common objective of the country. Some country’s national flag also contains their popular emblem, animals etc.

Religious Flag

The flags are also used by different religions to denote their god and faith. By the medium of religious flag, you can proudly preach about the culture and faith you have in your religion. The religious flags are being used since ancient time and can be seen hosted at the top of homes.

Sports Flags

These flags are used in the sports by the sports authorities to signify the fans, sportsperson and other officials regarding the breach of the rules. The flags are also used as a means of communication while motor racing and water sport.

Nowadays, flags are also used by the companies for brand promotion and for several events.

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