Home Designs with Vintage Shabby Chic Furniture: A Fashionable Trend

The mixture of shabby and vintage design for houses are popular nowadays because such design makes your room more inviting, interesting and warm. This kind of style is very fashionable and sophisticated as it is characterized to be a mixture of vintage and contemporary design. Usually, this kind of design is just simple and you can actually transform some existing furniture in your home to suit with this kind of style.

One of the most common things at home which can be upgraded to suit with the above mentioned style is furniture. For this case, we will discuss some of the ways how to turn your furniture into vintage shabby chic furniture.

Turning furniture into a shabby chic design

A lot of vintage look furniture can be found in different stores nowadays, but most people choose to just transform their existing furniture into a shabby chic design. This is because they wanted to put their own style and creativity towards it. And besides, transforming this furniture can be easily done at home. It needs only simple materials and extra effort.

In order to successfully transform your furniture to fit with the shabby chic style, you will only need a water-based, chalk or low VOC matt paint and a sand paper. Then, choose what furniture you are going to transform. After, you may now begin painting them. You can paint at least two coats of paint. Afterwards, start to scratch with the sandpaper the edges, corners, external hinges and handles so that the metal or wood beneath the furniture would appear. Just take note that it should have a wear and tear appearance or what you call a “vintage” look.

More tips on creative vintage furniture design can be searched and shopped in the internet.

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Processing Fiancé K1 Visa for Easy Travel

If you are a citizen in America and you want your foreign fiancé to join you in USA for marriage purpose, it is advisable to get a K1 fiancé visa status.

Processing fiancé visa is complicated and long. The services of a very qualified law firm, is advised to handle complex preparation of forms, embassy consultation and other jobs.

Procedure to apply for K1 fiancé visa

US citizens are the only ones eligible to make an application for a fiancé visa. This visa processing entails a number of guidelines which are strict and certain steps should be taken before approval.
Firstly, a petition for K-1 visa should be filed to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). The following supporting documents are required:

• A letter from the US citizen indicating you intend to marry.
• Passport which is valid
• Birth certificate
• Certificate issued by the police in all the areas one has inhabited since 16 years of age.
• Photographs
• Evidence showing support
• Photos
• Medical reports on examinations from a reputable physician
• Certificate of death or divorce of previous marriage

After the approval of the petition, it is forwarded to the United States Consulate by the USCIS for more processing in the country your fiancé lives. The US Consulate then contacts the foreign fiancé to fix a date for the interview.
The length of time it takes to complete K1 visa for fiancé is normally different depending on circumstances of the individual, the part of US where you live and where your fiancé lives. If managed effectively, completion of processing just takes three to five months.

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